6 PCS Speaker Wire/Cables Fit for Sony Speaker HCD-HDX266 HCD-HDX267W HCD-HDX275 HCD-HDX277WC HCD-HDX279W HCD-HDX285 HCD-HDX287WC HCD-HDX465 HCD-HDX466 HCD-HDX475 HCD-HDX500 HCD-HDX576WF HCD-HDX585

6 PCS Speaker Wire/Cables Fit for Sony Speaker HCD-HDX266 HCD-HDX267W HCD-HDX275 HCD-HDX277WC HCD-HDX279W

KM 38.95

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⭐ Fit for Sony Speaker models : HCD-DZ270 K, HCD-DZ275 M, HCD-DZ280, HCD-DZ285 K, HCD-DZ290 K, HCD-DZ290 M, HCD-DZ295 K, HCD-DZ360 WA, HCD-DZ390 K, HCD-DZ361 W, HCD-DZ370, HCD-DZ380 W, HCD-DZ530, HCD-DZ531 W, HCD-DZ555 K, HCD-DZ555 M, HCD-DZ556 KB, HCD-DZ560, HCD-DZ570, HCD-DZ570 K, HCD-DZ570 M, HCD-DZ585 K, HCD-DZ780, HCD-DZ790 K, HCD-DZ830 W, HCD-DZ850 KW, HCD-DZ850 M, HCD-DZ860 W, HCD-DZ870 KW, HCD-DZ870 M, HCD-DZ870 W, HCD-DZ880 W, HCD-DZ970 WA. ⭐ Fit for Sony Speaker models : HCD-HDX975 WF, HCD-HDZ235, HCD-HDZ278, HCD-HDZ284, HCD-HDZ485, HCD-HX80 R, HCD-HX90 BTR, HCD-MX500 I, HCD-MX550 I, HCD-MX700 NI, HCD-MX750 NI, HCD-SBT100, HCD-SBT100 B, HCD-SBT300 W, HCD-SBT300 WB, HCD-TZ100, HCD-TZ200, HCD-TZ300, HCD-AZ33 D, HCD-DX170, HCD-E300 HD, HCD-E300, HCD-E500 W, HCD-E800 W, HCD-E801, HCD-T10, HCD-T11, HCD-FXG99 K, HCD-FZ900 KW, HCD-FZ900, HCD-FZ900 M, HCD-DZ150 K, HCD-DZ151 KB, HCD-DZ230, HCD-DZ231, HCD-DZ250 M, HCD-DZ260, HCD-DZ265 K, HCD-DZ266 K, HCD-DZ270. ⭐ Fit for Sony Speaker models : DAV-HDZ235, DAV-HDZ278, DAV-HDZ284, DAV-HDZ485, DAV-SZ1000 W, DAV-TZ100, DAV-TZ135, DAV-TZ150, HCD-HDX266, HCD-HDX267 W, HCD-HDX275, HCD-HDX277 WC, HCD-HDX279 W, HCD-HDX285, HCD-HDX287 WC, HCD-HDX465, HCD-HDX466, HCD-HDX475, HCD-HDX500, HCD-HDX576 WF, HCD-HDX585, DAV-TZ200, DAV-TZ210, DAV-TZ215, DAV-TZ230, DAV-TZ300, DAV-TZ510, DAV-TZ630, DAV-TZ710, DAV-TZ715, HCD-HDX587 WC, HCD-HDX589 W, HCD-HDX665, HCD-HDX675, HCD-HDX678 WF, HCD-HDX685, HCD-HDX686 W, HCD-HDX900 W, HCD-Z7. ⭐【180 Days Service Guarantee】Package Includes : 1 x 9.8ft green cable & 2 x 32.8ft cable (blue, grey) & 3 x 13.12ft cable (red, purple, white). We promise provide you quality product and service, if there is any issue when you use it, please feel free to contact us. Replacement speaker wire compatible model for Sony home theater system : . HCD-HDX266 , HCD-HDX267 W , HCD-HDX275 , HCD-HDX277 WC ,. HCD-HDX279 W , HCD-HDX285 , HCD-HDX287 WC , HCD-HDX465 ,. HCD-HDX466 , HCD-HDX475 , HCD-HDX500 , HCD-HDX576 WF , HCD-HDX585.


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