Mission Statement

To provide Education, Information, Support and Advocacy
for people who have had or will have intestinal or urinary diversions.

The OAS was initiated August 1978 as the Solano Chapter of the United Ostomy Association by the Solano Unit of the American Cancer Society. 

In the reorganization of the national association to the United Ostomy Associations of American (UOAA), the Ostomy Association of Solano (OAS) was formed and became an association of UOAA.




Our Meetings

Learn, Socialize and enjoy

Our meetings are as much informational as social.  Most meetings provide a medical lecturer or an ostomy supply vendor or a presenter on a life subject. 

We are dedicated to the rehabilitation of ostomates through mutual aid, moral support, education and providing practical information.

What is an ostomate? 
Ostomy:  An abdominal opening for elimination of bodily wastes.  An ostomy may be a colostomy, ileostomy or urostomy to correct or bypass a disease process or internal injury.

The OAS is an organization of volunteers who present living evidence that ostomy surgery need not interfere with work, marriage, family, travel or recreation.