The Ostomy Association of Solano would like to offer our support to the patient, his/her family members and those selected by the patient. Our volunteers understand your concerns as we’ve been there too.

The Ostomy Association of Solano is not offerring in person visitaions at this time.  Please contact your CWOCN for professional assistance.

The visitor listens to your concerns; answers questions and can recommend tips for everyday life with an ostomy.  A packet of printed materials and our newsletter will be provided.

Our visits are offered pre-operative or post-operative.   At this time our visitations are only offered by telephone or email.  We follow all HIPPA regulations for your privacy.  A member of our group will call you and assist you in any way they can, and will try to answer your questions.   If a member of the group is not able to assist you, we have two associate, CWOCN  (Certified Wound Ostomy & Continent Nurse) Registered Nurses that we can refer you to, that can help you with your concerns.

We make every effort to match your request with a same-type surgery person of the same sex.

To request a visitation please complete the Visitation Request Form form.